Fashion Weeks : The Ugly Truth

Fashion weeks have always grabbed the attention of young ambitious, fashion-oriented individuals and created envious attitude towards them. Therefore, I have decided to share with you my personal experience at the only fashion week I was honored to attend back in October 2014. After the prosperous popularity, profitable income and huge success NYFW and LFW gained and the lavish and opulent start of Milan Fashion Week, the timing could not have been more perfect. Last summer, I was privileged to work as the Assistant Designer for Montreal based Canadian Fashion Designer Brit Wacher. Together, we created and produced a collection for Spring-Summer 2015 that was presented at Toronto’ s Fashion Week.

There are a lot of misconceptions concerning the design and conception of a collection and especially concerning the people involved in the process. As any successful and prolific editor, designer, trend reporter, model, buyer or any other person working in the fashion industry would tell you, life-changing opportunities and prosperous breaks always come from the contacts one was able to make along the way. As Steve Jobs used to say, great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a group of people. Hence, this is the first misconception in which a designer is working all by himelf. Only through the binding of great minds and great talents that one creation or innovation can flourish and triumph. Actually, photographers, models, designers, make up artists, hair stylists, fashion stylists, volunteers, assistant designer, event coordinator, public relations management persons are all ceaselessly and utterly exerting themselves backstage at a fashion show. It is the collaboration of all these talented and affluent individuals that plays on the prosperity and success of a collection or fashion event.

As a young aspiring fashion editor, the simple notion of attending a fashion week was definitely, at the time, a delusional fantasy and inaccessible objective. However, once I entered the famous tents located at the David Pecaut Square on the day of the show, I quickly realized that these events are engorged with wrongful stereotypes and doubtful misconceptions. Indeed, behind gargantuan stunning chandeliers, dazzling lights, stunning furniture, splendidly clean red carpets and free high end products, the opulence and glamour experienced by the elite attending the shows is only a deceptive illusion for the people working backstage. Encircled by black curtains, plastic tables and tiny clothing stands, there is nothing exciting and splendid to see. Furthermore, the stress and pressure one experiences backstage at a fashion event is strongly and ignorantly belittled by the public mass. Reassigning the clothes to the models due to their pretentious and ridiculous lies concerning their current weight and hand sewing for a second time the hem of trousers too long for its assigned model are only brief tasks along ironing clothes, feeding the guests, selecting the final garments, dressing the models, coordinating the walking and giving interviews. Obviously, all of this is done while managing every requests and enquiries from event coordinators. When you think everything is meticulously arranged for the show, you still have to deal with unlaced shoes, crooked skirts, unbutton shirts, missing accessories, absent models and unfinished garments. This is why a lot of fashion shows are excessively late due to all the unexpected incidents. Finally, after 15 minutes of well-deserved recognition for our hardworking hours and assiduous efforts, we were promptly asked to quickly pack out our equipment and were gently kicked out of the event.

Even though this article seems to be negatively ranting against fashion shows, I am actually celebrating the flaws of the industry. It is the unknown and misunderstood aspects of these events that charmed and fascinated me. I personally need neither opulence nor glamour to get life-changing experience as well as valuable knowledge. The fashion industry is a world full of contrasted features and it will never cease to amaze me.

I now present you the pictures of this amazing event.


David Pecaut Square, Toronto, Canada

IMG_7278IMG_7289IMG_7285  IMG_7286IMG_9654   IMG_9655

Guest lounge

HaRBiRz Inc. Brit Wacher - WMCFW 2014 (16) HaRBiRz Inc. Brit Wacher - WMCFW 2014 (15)

Backstage make up preparation

HaRBiRz Inc. Brit Wacher - WMCFW 2014 (1) HaRBiRz Inc. Brit Wacher - WMCFW 2014 (8)

Backstage madness

HaRBiRz Inc. Brit Wacher - WMCFW 2014 (12)HaRBiRz Inc. Creative Studio Toronto_-8IMG_7393IMG_7312

HaRBiRz Inc-1. Creative Studio Toronto_-11

The amazing and talented design team

HaRBiRz Inc. Creative Studio Toronto_-7

Here are some of the looks featured in the Spring-Summer 2015 collection that was presented at the World MasterCard Fashion Week.

IMG_7368IMG_7352 IMG_7334IMG_7336IMG_7364   IMG_7379IMG_7380

For those curious fashionistas out there, here is the description of my outfit for this event.

Jacket: Jacob

Skirt: H&M

Shirt: Brit Wacher Designer

Necklace : Forever 21

Coat: Jacob

Boots: Aldo Group

I have to credit Raymond Chow from CanadaWear ( and the talented Harbir from Harbirz Inc Photography for the beautiful pictures taken backstage at the event. You should definitely have a deeper look of his most recent work.

Facebook: /HaRBiRzInc


Instagram: @Harbirzinc

This collection would not have even existed without the eclectic and artistic mind of the talented Fashion Designer Brit Wacher. I highly recommend you to check out her latest original designs.

Brit Wacher

Facebook: /britwacher


Instagram: @britwacher

For further information, you can watch the entire show and see the complete lookbook at :

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