Millennials’ Fashion App Revolution

With the rise of social media platforms, micro blogging and mobile technology, traditional media and conventional marketing strategies are greatly suffering.
For marketers, the progression of Gen Y’s online empowerment and dependency and the advancement of mobile applications suggest that their primary means of reaching customers is quickly losing its relevance. Thus, millennials’ reliance on and interaction with traditional media is significantly different than any generation that precedes it. Indeed, while only 39 percent of millennials essentially read a daily newspaper, 90 percent of them actually sleep with their smartphone. Hence, since this generation is fully steeped in mobile technology and is strongly attracted by technological engagement options, mobile phones are turning into the ultimate means for content delivery for marketers.

Generation Y: Ideal Targeted Clientele

Generation Y is the most targeted clientele of mobile technology oriented marketers since they are young enough to delightfully find a smartphone useful and relevant to them and they are old enough to be able to afford one on their own. This implies they will empower the use of mobile technology for years to come. Indeed, a study by Flurry from September confirmed that Gen Y is the most likely demographic to use mobile and tablet apps, with the greatest percentage of smartphone app users concentrated among individuals aged from 25 to 34 years old.

Marketers’ Need for Adjustment

While the majority of businesses have entirely encompassed the power of Internet through their marketing strategies for the last 15 years, companies are only starting to understand the purchasing power of a smartphone and the ability of mobile technology to reach consumers. Since mobile empowerment is not strictly limited to millennials due to other generations of customers becoming increasingly mobile-centric also, marketers have the opportunity of broadening their audience and significantly benefit from the core of their new methods of reaching customers.

Mobile Marketing Strategies

Mobile marketing is critically dominant and powerful since it binds all forms of advertising on a single device that consumers compulsively carry with them everywhere, even in their bed, as we discovered. For example, mobile campaigns are mainly reaching consumers through social network apps, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, marketers have replaced billboard advertising and television commercial with SMS promotion, cookies and mobile e-newsletters.

What About Fashion?

When it comes to fashion, the modern marketer has definitely acquired massive benefits from the mobile app revolution. Apps and technology allow endless delivery options for mobile marketers. Indeed, with the implementation of location-based check-in application services used by marketers, companies can track down their consumers’ shopping behavior to better advertise them and can encourage to tag their location on mobile devices when they visit a business in order to promote their company. Moreover, since the increasing innovation in mobile apps, Gen Y can get instant gratification at their fingertips with interactive stylist advices, ongoing sale alert, analysis of deals from competitive brands and personal knowledge and data bases. Thus, these tactics are undeniably a great start for marketers focused on reaching Gen Y and their increased buying power.

In conclusion, I have rounded the 5 best fashion, beauty and style apps reinventing the acquisition of fashion goods, services and knowledge.

1. Stylebook
Stylebook is an expert wardrobe organization and closet management tool allowing you to benefit from a closet assistant for life. By importing your actual clothes, this app allows you to create magazine-style outfits, create packing lists and plan your weekly outfits.

2. Pose
Pose is an application focused on inspiration only. By joining the Pose community, you can post pictures of what you are currently wearing, share your outfits ideas and get inspired by the world’s largest group of fashion bloggers, stylists and celebs

3. Keep Shopping
Keep is the easiest and most delightful way to shop on your mobile device since it is the first and only multi-store shopping cart. This app allows you to buy any products from any stores or brands, anywhere in the world.

4. The Hunt
On The Hunt, this community of 3.5 million people helps each other find the latest trends and stylish clothes. It is a brand new customer support system helping you with questions and requests. If you cannot find the most amazing pair of shoes you saw on instagram, you simply post a picture of it The Hunt, and other users will help you find a link where you can buy them.

5. FAD: The Ultimate Fashion Dictionary
FAD is the first comprehensive Fashion Dictionary App available giving you explanations of anything fashion related from fabrics construction and sewing techniques to retail brands and couture labels.

12 responses to “Millennials’ Fashion App Revolution

  1. It’s fun to find interesting app out there! Technology theses days make so many tasks easier and fast. But, I fear that people will start looking at their device so much since everything is in there.

    I might as well try one of the app! Thank you for sharing & nice blog 🙂


    • You are totally right, with the rise of innovative technology and creative as well as useful apps, we have everything fast at our fingertips. I suppose, you are an old fashioned person just like me and I have to admit that I fear eventually people will loose complete interest in the real world and will be utterly addicted to their mobile devices. Thank you for your great comment! I really appreciate it. Feel free to come back see my blog as often as you would like. Don’t forget to follow xox


  2. Hey guys,

    thx for the shout out! If you don’t mind, coul’d you please change the image you’ve chosen for FAD – the ultimate Fashion Dictionary? The picture is referring to another fashion dictionary. Here are two picture alternatives:

    Co-Founder of FAD


    • Hi Thomas,

      I apologize for the inconvenience. I have changed the image on the article for one of those you proposed. Thank you for looking over at our article and blog. Please feel free to come back at anytime.

      Take care,
      Founder of INOL


  3. Hey Noémie,

    thx, looking sharp now! Listen, in case you promote stuff from time to time to your readers I’m more than happy to offer some free promotion codes for our App.

    Let me know if that’s someting you’d be interested in.

    Happy blogging,

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  6. Interesting article. Everyone seems to have an app they’re addicted to so it’s makes good business sense to use them to maximize marketing.


    • Hi Danni! Thank you very much for your comment. I greatly appreciate feedback from you. Indeed, with the sudden rise of technological advancement, marketing company needs to adjust themselves and apps are definitely a great way for them to increase their capital. I invite you to have a look at this blogpost I am giving away free fashion apps code to 5 of my readers. You should definitely have a look at the details of this great giveaway! Take care xo


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