Fashion Giveaway : FAD App

Have you ever wished you could carry a digital fashion cheat sheet with you everywhere you go? I will be honest with you; being a fashion student myself, I often wished my various heavy study books, including garment category books, textile guide and fashion history manual could all be combined in one simple and light device, allowing me to have access to unlimited information at my fingertips. When I talk to others about my program of studies, they are always shockingly surprised that fashion design students are not simply taught how to sew, draw figures and make patterns. Indeed, to everybody’s astonishment, fashion design studies focus also on rigorous and extensive knowledge concerning fashion history, textile and fibers, market analysis, product development as well as garment classification. Thus, since the fashion industry is such a vast and competitive, yet opportunistic environment, aspiring and future workers are required to be highly creative and talented as well as outstandingly knowledgeable. This is why we see a great increase in the production and development of books and mobile applications providing in-depth information concerning fashion. 

Around a week ago, I shared with you my top 5 fashion applications for mobile devices that fully fulfill and satisfy every curiously intellectual fashionistas’ need for thorough information (You can still read this post at One app that was mentionned is called FAD: The Ultimate Fashion Dictionary. I want to explore this app a little further, since I strongly believe it is highly valuable for any of my readers who’s got passion for fashion. As you can see, the name says it all, it is definitely your ultimate go-to app when it comes to satisfy your ceasless craving for fashion related knowledge. FAD, an acronym for the full name is also cleverly related to the fashion business (If you have already downloaded the app, you would know that a fad is a temporary fashion, notion, behavior, that is followed enthusiastically by a group of people). 

So, how does this app work? FAD allows you to browse your history and add particular terms you might need constantly to your “Favorites” list. This all provides you with related articles based on your personal search and gives you further browsing suggestions, permitting you to stay intellectually challenged. This wonderful app features more than 1,000 fashion terms divided into 21 main categories, allowing you to narrow down your search easily. This app provides you with instant search that does not require internet. FAD is a great tool that has the potential to improve radically the fashion lingo of every student and fashion enthousiastic. It is now time for you to increase dramatically your fashion knowledge and impress your entourage! 

So here comes the interactive and fun part! I am giving away 5 promotion codes to 5 randomly chosen participators and dedicated readers to get this useful paid app for free. Here is what you have to do in order to be elligible for this special giveaway.

1. Be a follower of INOL

2. Like and share this post on any social media platform of your choice (twitter, facebook, instagram) and tag me in it @noemievallieres

3. Answer these two easy fashion related questions:

A) Who is widely considered as the father of Haute Couture?

B) What type of silhouette did Christian Dior popularize?

Bonus: Who created the sack dress?

Hurry up and give it a try! Make sure to include your answers and the right email address in the comment section to be notified in case you win.

Good luck! 

 For further information concerning FAD, please feel free to have a look at this link :

*Dislaimer: The information you provide will only be used for notifying you in case you win. This giveaway is on from 03/22/2015 8am American Eastern Time to 03/29/2015 8pm American Eastern Time. The winner will be notified by email by 03/31/2015 at the end of the day.


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